Number of science students increase in Australia

Australia is known to offer good quality education. This is why a lot of students are encouraged to go there and study. A huge percentage of these students are comprised of those who want to start a career on science and technology. Universities are offering various sciences courses as well as scholarships for those who are deserving. This entices international students to try out and to live, experience and grow in the said country.

One of the factors that adds to the growth in the number of science student applicants in Australia is the fact that science-related careers are going to be in-demand in the next ten years. As the world progresses, countries are going to need science professionals to help their country grow and excel in scientific fields. Some developing countries send their scholars to Australia to let them study.

Before flying to Australia, a student should make sure that he has the complete requirements for the degree he wants. School records should be prepared as well as other important papers. Aside from that, the student should get himself a 457 visa—-a visa program that is required for those who want to stay temporarily in Australia. This visa also entitles the applicant to work in the country while he is staying here.

However, before one can get a 457 visa, he should get himself a health insurance. This is due to the critical 457 visa requirements called Condition 8501. Not all health insurance providers offer this kind of service but there are some notable ones like IMAN that offers 457 Health Insurance and covers all the policies required in Condition 8501. Other requirements in applying 457 visa includes a character check to prove that the applicant has no criminal history as well as a skills assessment test.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Ever wondered how water purification works?

Water purification involves a process called reverse osmosis filtration. It is, incidentally, the treatment commonly used by water bottling companies. In this process, organisms called contaminants are filtered through a selective membrane. A membrane is considered selective when it does not permit large ions/organisms to pass through the other side. Ideally, a selective membrane should have a  0.0005-micron size; virus and bacteria, which have .02 to .04 and .2 up to a 1-micron size, respectively won’t be able to contaminate the water you’re drinking. On the other hand, smaller particles like the solvent (water in this case) will be able to pass through without difficulties.

Now, you might ask why use reverse osmosis and not osmosis? Good question.

Reverse osmosis basically uses the same process; the difference is that it is done in reverse.

Osmosis – the process involves the solvent containing low amount of solute naturally passing through a membrane to get to the other side where solute is of higher quantity

Reverse Osmosis – the process involves the solvent containing high amount of solute passing through a membrane to get to the other side where solute is of lower quantity. However, external hydraulics pressure is applied in this process. Through reverse osmosis, a purer form of the solvent is achieved. Hence, it is the reason why reverse osmosis filtration is preferred for water purification.

For your family’s health, make sure you use purified water for drinking and cooking. Incidentally, Hydac has a selection of home Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems that will ensure that the water you use is safe for the whole family.

Flu can affect your travel plans

Being in the scientific research field for more than a decade, I have traveled so much both locally and internationally due to the seminars and conferences I have to attend. I have met lots of amazing people and experienced various interesting cultures. I can confidently say that I have learned so much.

However, traveling in and out of the country has its disadvantages too. I remember the last time I went out of the country, I acquired flu virus. It was really terrible. I had to miss the first few days of the biotechnology conference I was supposed to attend.

Flu is an infectious disease that are caused by RNA (ribonucleic acid) viruses that affects mammals as well as birds. Fatigue, fever, and muscle pains are some of the most common symptoms of flu. It is transmitted through air by coughing and sneezing or by direct contact with contaminated surfaces. However, the virus can easily be inactivated by cleaning the contaminated surfaces with disinfectants and detergents.

There are vaccines that were developed against influenza. Unfortunately, the flu strains are fast evolving that is why the scientists do not stop developing better vaccinations.

Going back to my story, I had to bring myself to the hospital to get myself treated. I could not afford to stay at my hotel room and wait for my flu to be gone. I am in a foreign country and it is not easy to get sick. Thank goodness my hospital bills were covered by my health insurance. I was not supposed to get one for myself, but my wife told me that I should get a travel insurance plan from Nib. My wife also travels a lot since she works in pharmaceutical industry. She told me to try out Nib so we can compare soon. She just availed a travel insurance plan from Medibank. Both have good policies and have served us well.

I was really happy not just because my hospital bills were covered by my Nib insurance, but also because of the fact that my attending doctor was really nice and kind. She recommended that I should get myself a flu vaccine the next time I travel again. I couldn’t believe I forgot about that, especially that I work in a health-related industry! It must be because I was in a total hurry.

Now I have learned my lesson and will make sure that I will be flu-free the next time I travel to attend conferences abroad.

Biotechnology and the world today

Biotechnology has been a controversial issue, since it was introduced in the 21st century. There are groups of people that are supporting it and there are also those who are against it. But before taking sides, let us define what biotechnology is.

Biotechnology Science

Biotechnology is briefly defined as the utilization of living organisms and their products for food, medicine, drink and other beneficial factors for the human race. Development of vaccines, antibiotics, and biofuels are just some of the things that were created because of these biotechnological methods.

In everyday life, we also enjoy various things that we enjoy in our own home. One of them is detergent we use at home. Enhanced enzymes in detergents can easily remove and dissolve fat stains and grease. It also improves laundry processes in hot or cold temperature. Textile is another thing that has improved because of genetically modified enzymes. Developed textiles are less toxic, eco-friendly and are in better quality. Food and beverages are also taking advantage from these enzymes. Food sweeteners are now using enzyme technology to make less expensive ones and to increase its quality. The development of all the enzymes are still improving as years pass by to be more effective and to seize every possibility that they could do.

Biotechnology is often linked to biomedical research, but there are also some who take advantage and use these biotech methods to clone and alter genes. This is the reason why there are so many moral debates that surround this field. Ethical topics in biotechnology include cloning, stem cell research, and xenotransplantation.

I personally think that we should all give a chance to explore biotechnology because it helps a lot of people and industries. Of course, people who practice biotech methods should have moral responsibilities on their works, just like any other job in the world.


The world we live in is technologically advance.  Man’s hunger of knowledge and eagerness to discover something new fuels this. I honestly believe it is a good thing, because it enables us to move forward and improve every step of the way.

Due to this eagerness to improve one’s lives, you can notice that every minute of every day, there is something new going on. There is a development or discovery that is being celebrated, most particularly in the fields of biotechnology and health. Personally, I think biotechnology and health are two of the most important aspects in man’s life, because it determines their well-being. It also contributes to their way of living in this world.

This is why I decided to make this blog. I am also hungry for knowledge and excited for new updates, most particularly on biotechnology and health. I am fascinated on these two fields, and I would love to share my research to everyone whom I know will benefit from this as well.

This blog is dedicated to discuss and tackle the developments and issues related to biotechnology and health. I firmly believe that those two fields are very essential to one’s life, and that they have to always be updated and in the know of what is going on. It also aims to inform the people about the various technologies that they can opt for to improve their lives. The topics will not only be concentrated on the diseases and advances per se, but also those that will contribute to ensure man’s well-being.